About this event

As we look forward to the spring and the route out of lockdown it’s important to note that coronavirus is not an ordinary storm to be weathered and recover from. It is a moment of systemic change that demands a systemic response. The crisis has been a difficult time for charities and foundations, who with limited resources, have innovated and adapted in order to best help those who have needed it. Now is the time to look to the future, to Rethink and Rebuild these systems and build a social sector that creates greater impact for those it supports.

This event will be an opportunity to hear from some of those in the sector (and outside) who are doing some of this big thinking. They will share some of their thoughts about how the sector can take on the lessons learnt through the crisis, build on the innovations and address the highlighted inequalities to build back stronger. Delegates will hear from speakers including Ravi Gurumurthy, Chief Executive, Nesta, Joe Ferns, Director, Baobab Foundation , Edel Harris, Chief executive, Mencap and Arvinda Gohil, CEO, Central YMCA.

NPC will also be sharing more from our ambitious Rethink, Rebuild initiative and asking you to get involved. Through the initiative we want to convene and collate diverse insights and expertise. Prior to the event we will be sharing our new programme website with some of the big ideas that we think will be useful for the sector and will be asking you to share comments on these, to join a workshop and to suggest other big ideas so that together we can Rethink and Rebuild.

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