Policy briefing with Neil Sherlock

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Price: Invitation
Event Organiser: Rebecca Goodbourn
NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL

This event is part of our policy briefing series.

About this event

The decision to leave the European Union is a seismic moment in British politics that could fundamentally reshape the economy and society we live in. We are delighted that Neil Sherlock, Partner Corporate Affairs and a member of PwC’s Brexit steering committee, is joining us to discuss the implications of Brexit. Alongside his extensive private sector experience, Neil was a special advisor to the former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Neil recently co-wrote an essay for NPC’s Flipping the narrative series on how charities can build strong relationships with the public in the context of falling trust in experts and institutions, drawing on his experience in the private sector and government.

NPC’s policy briefings are a great way for you to take part in a discussion about emerging policy and political issues. They will also give you the opportunity to tap into NPC’s network of charities, funders, supporters and policy makers. Each event will feature a guest speaker who will introduce the theme for discussion whilst posing some questions for debate with the attendees. The events will last an hour with time to network afterwards.

The Venue

NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL
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