Add your voice to the debate

26 February 2010

Do you feel that civil society is being overrun by market thinking? Or are you frustrated by good intentions and faith not being backed up by evidence and analysis in charities and their funding?

Or perhaps you see the truth in both arguments, but are working to forge a new path, fusing what’s most important in civil society with what’s most constructive and appropriate in markets and metrics?

NPC and Keystone have contributed to a debate launched by Alliance Magazine on its new blog around these issues. We believe that charities and philanthropy cannot move forwards without synthesising the best insights of both civil society and market paradigms, so we hope this debate can draw out some of the excellent work that’s happening at the intersection of these worlds.

Why do we need this debate? Because we don’t know enough about what works tackling deep-rooted social problems, and what’s most promising or effective doesn’t attract the funding it should. And because the increasing application of measurement and targets to the nonprofit sector is inevitable, and we know how dangerous that can be if we don’t ensure that the right people design what gets measured, and that we measure the right things.

Get on over to Alliance’s site and tell us what you think.