Happy birthday blog!

By Jane Thomas 10 June 2010

Like neglectful parents we failed to note the fact that last month was our blog’s first birthday!

So to mark the occasion we’ve highlighted five of our most popular blogs from the past year to remind you of just some of the debates we’ve been having. Our big thanks to everyone who has read our blog, picked up our posts and shared their comments.

1. A fundraising revolution: At number one, our most popular post by NPC’s Head of Measurement, Lucy Heady, challenges people to do a sponsored charity analysis.

2. I admit it, I’m guilty of wasting charitable funds: Martin Brookes’ admission that he gave money to a donkey sanctuary created a storm of debate.

3. How I would analyse a charity in two hours: Iona Joy’s two-part post gave a quick and dirty guide as to what she’d do if she only had two hours to assess a charity’s effectiveness. It’s been our third most popular blog post ever.

4. Are charity CEOs too powerful?: John Copp’s blog, a follow up to his earlier post ‘Why charity CEOs are more important than the bosses of companies’ hit a chord with those in the sector.

5. Social capital markets vs civil society?: Tris Lumley’s response to Michael Edwards earlier post was part of a huge debate in the blogosphere.

At NPC, we’re excited to be part of blog debates on philanthropy and charity effectiveness, and we hope that blogging continues to grow in the UK (led in some part by the great UK blogger, Robin Bogg). Bogg aside, this post from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation on the growing philanthropy blogosphere, gives us UK bloggers a vision from the States to aspire to.