My name is Martin Brookes and I am the Chief Executive of NPC, a unique and increasingly influential organisation.

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) enables charities and funders to do good, better.

Our ambition is to create a world in which charities and their funders are as effective as possible in changing people’s lives and in tackling social problems.

For charities, this means measuring the results of their work, and using evidence to learn and improve, as well as to attract support.

For funders, this means using evidence of charities’ results to make funding decisions and to measure their own impact.

Both a consultancy and a think tank, NPC has helped stir up debate around charities’ effectiveness and raise the profile of nonprofit analysis.

With partners including the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in the USA, NPC is collaborating to build an infrastructure to enable donors and charities to make the best decisions and have maximum impact.

Many people might know us through our research reports and publications or more recently, through our thinking about an Association of Nonprofit Analysts.

All our work is about improving the quality and the flow of information available to everyone who works in the nonprofit sector.

Whilst we are based in the UK, our work reaches far afield and our approach has been adopted by countries as far afield as Brazil, Canada, Estonia and Israel.

Our blog will continue in this spirit.

We want you to join the conversation too so please read the blog, comment, debate and challenge yourselves and us.

I look forward to hearing from you,