About this event

At our recent Rethink, Rebuild sessions we explored the changes seen in funding since the start of the pandemic and considered steps funders and charities can take to help these be sustained longer term. 

It was clear from the discussion that the landscape is moving to a more flexible or trust-based way of working, and that funders are keen to challenge the traditional imbalance of power in funder-grantee relationships. This new, more relationship-based model for philanthropy has the potential to greatly increase the difference funders make through their giving. It could enable charities to be more open about challenges they are facing, and give funders a more unbiased look at where their grants are most needed, and at the progress their grantees are making. 

The shift has implications for all aspects of the grant-making cycle, and requires some balancing of interests. This next session will be a focused, funders-only, roundtable to explore how funders can balance the drive towards shifting power and prioritising flexibility and trust, while also understanding their, and their grantees’ impact.  

Hosted by NPC’s Principals for Effective Philanthropy, Sarah Denslow and Liz Gadd, this online roundtable will be interactive and participants will be asked to share their thoughts and ideas, and hear from others on: 

  • How can funders balance the seemingly conflicting needs of understanding and demonstrating impact while funding in a more flexible, trust-based way?  
  • How does power get in the way of open conversations with grantees, and what does this mean for how a funder can understand the difference they are making? 
  • How do funders ensure that power dynamics and trust bias are mitigated to enable more open conversations about what works and, critically, what does not? 

You can see some of NPC’s early thinking in these areas on our NPC Labs website. 

This event is part of NPC’s Rethink, Rebuild programme which is helping charities and funders to rethink how the social sector works and rebuild together as we emerge from our shared Covid-19 crisis.

Places are limited, if you are a funder please registered your interest via email.