Brexit Civil Society Alliance, Lloyds Bank Foundation, England & Wales, 10GM and NPC are hosting a free conference, bringing together the social sector to discuss the potentially momentous changes Brexit will have on charities, voluntary organisations and the communities they champion and represent.

The social sector needs to act

Brexit continues to present serious challenges for the UK social sector. The three years since the country voted to leave the European Union (EU) have thrown up a series of questions—how best to respond to it, how to prepare for it, how to mitigate against it where needed—that remain unanswered.

Ongoing uncertainty for charities and voluntary organisations is as big an issue as it is for businesses, the likely impact on the people, places and causes they represent, just as great—but neither have received the debate and attention they rightly deserve.

We believe there is urgent need for the social sector to discuss the momentous changes that Brexit will bring, provide a public platform to raise concerns and begin to develop a greater sense of collective understanding of, and responsibility for, the challenges ahead,

Building upon the success of the first New Frontiers conference held in London on 26 April, NPC, the Brexit Civil Society Alliance and Lloyds Bank Foundation (LBFEW) are working with the 10GM group of Greater Manchester Community & Voluntary Sector (CVS) bodies to host a second conference on 11 September 2019.

The key question that New Frontiers in GM will address is:

  • What should the role and mission of the social and wider voluntary sector be through (and post) Brexit? What might existing trends tell us about potential new directions in activity and need? How do we gear up to actively shape the agenda not just observe? Are we prepared for the possibly momentous change that is coming our way? And how is the sector going to overcome disruption to funding as a result?

Aims and ambitions

  • Raise awareness of the issues confronting the sector as it navigates Brexit and provide an open forum for charities to raise concerns and provide support;
  • Provide a space for figures from across the sector to come together to debate how Brexit might change our collective mission;
  • Galvanise the sector in its preparedness to overcome challenges;
  • Ensure that national arguments are given an airing on a stage outside of central London—and that the worries and aspirations of social sector organisations from Greater Manchester and beyond are heard by funders and policymakers alike.

Who is this conference for?

Leaders, thinkers and practitioners from across the sector—we want to bring charities and funders together. We are particularly keen to hear from charities whose funding is at risk from Brexit and/or whose mission has been affected by ongoing uncertainty and disruption re: the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Speakers include:

  • Caron Bradshaw, Charity Finance Group
  • Lisa Eigbadon, RECLAIM
  • Helen Goulden, Young Foundation
  • Sally-Anne Greenfield, NPC
  • Immy Kaur, Impact Hub Birmingham (TBC)
  • Alison Page, Salford CVS
  • Rachel Rank, 360Giving
  • Duncan Shrubsole, Lloyds Bank Foundation, England &Wales
  • Jane Thomas, Brexit Civil Society Alliance
  • Mike Wild, MACC

Click here to read the full conference agenda.



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