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The role of a trustee in times of change and uncertainty

About this event

This free event took place on 07/12/2022. You can watch the full video below:

Over the last few years, charities have been operating in times of great change and uncertainty; from adapting to a global pandemic, to navigating the cost-of-living crisis, the climate crisis and the conflict in Ukraine. It’s likely that the impact of these challenges will continue for some time.      

A changing environment comes with drastic changes in the needs of those charities support and charities’ ability to deliver that support, and charities need to be able to adapt and stay relevant in the face of change.  We invite you to join Daniel Saifu, a researcher from NPC’s Research and Consulting team as he and 3 special guests with rich experience in sector exchange knowledge, perspective and solutions for trustees facing contemporary issues. Guest speakers include: 

So how is the role of a trustee different in times of crisis, change and uncertainty? What is the role of the trustee in governing charities so that they can continue to be impactful in the face of change and uncertainty?  

This free seminar—run in partnership with the Clothworker’s Company—is aimed at all trustees regardless of their experience and will:  

  • Explore how the role of a trustee might be different in times of crisis, change or uncertainty  
  • Consider how trustees can balance managing risk and exploring opportunities 
  • Discuss how trustees can ensure a charity stays on mission and be agile and relevant  


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