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Youth crime and in particular knife crime is regularly splashed across the front of our newspapers. Their attention is focused on London, gang violence, and the ethnicity of the perpetrators, but is this clouding the real issues at play and placing communities in fear of their ‘youths’? A recent report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime found that the areas suffering the largest cuts to youth spending have seen bigger increases in knife crime. With some councils cutting funding for youth workers and clubs by 91 per cent in three years. Youth crime is not a London problem it is a cross country problem. Alongside this there are reports that schools are excluding ‘problem’ pupils to ensure that their exam results are favourable. Are we letting our young people down?

Ahead of the summer holidays when youth crime traditionally increases we will be asking what role the social sector can play in tackling the challenge of youth crime. At this event hosted by Deloitte Not for Profit we will ask:

  • What are the actual root causes of youth crime and what does this means for the sector?
  • What role is there for the social sector in treating the symptoms as well as attacking the causes of youth crime?
  • What do charities need to take a systemic approach to tackling youth crime?
  • How can funders support this underfunded issue?
  • Are we actually talking to those involved and working with them to solve the problems?
  • Do we know what works, and how do we evaluate it?

Our speakers will include:

  • Lib Peck, the former Leader of Lambeth Council and Director of the new London Violence Reduction Unit
  • Harriet Gugenheim, Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships at Impetus

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