Building a measurement framework: An introduction for charities

Price: From £295
Event Organiser: Rebecca Goodbourn
NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL


‘We make a difference’. This is probably one of the most commonly heard statements in the charity world. But have you ever stopped to think about what it really means? NPC’s one-day workshop introduces the steps involved in creating an impact measurement framework so charities can really understand the difference they make.


Understanding your impact is key to becoming more effective. Meanwhile, with results and value for money coming under increasing scrutiny, demonstrating your impact to others is also important. Led by our expert measurement team, this workshop will take you through our four pillar approach, helping you decide what to measure, and which methodology to use.

With a group size of no more than 15, the workshop will be interactive and hands-on. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Enlightening, practical, well grounded advice, knowledgeable team

The training will help you to:

  • Understand the terminology, concepts and definitions
  • Identify intended and unintended social impacts
  • Develop and use a theory of change
  • Prioritise your outcomes for measurement
  • Choose the right level of evidence
  • Decide when to collect data and from whom, and how to sample
  • Select or develop qualitative and quantitative tools
  • Analyse and communicate your findings


The training is an introductory session and assumes no prior knowledge. It is aimed at those who have no—or limited—experience of impact measurement, and is relevant for all charities new to this area and looking for guidance.

A really straightforward, clear and practical session


The training is delivered by our consultants who are experts in working with funders and charities of all shapes and sizes to develop robust and systematic methods for measuring the difference they make.


This training is based on our report NPC’s four pillar approach. For further background information, read our paper on Theory of change, and our survey of impact practice among charities, Making an impact. A Journey to greater impact highlights six organisations at the forefront of impact measurement in the UK and the US.

Lots of good topics. Very useful in looking at methods of measuring impact.


The Venue

NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL

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